Public Safety

In the Assembly, public safety will be my top priority. Only a handful of former law enforcement officers currently serve in the state legislature—and it shows. Sacramento has passed disastrous legislation over the past decade that lets criminals off the hook, diminishes accountability for committing crimes, and makes the job of law enforcement exceptionally difficult.

I will bring my career-long experience in law enforcement to the legislature and be a strong advocate for repealing the pro-criminal policies of the past. We must once again allow law enforcement and prosecutors to do their jobs and put criminals behind bars. I will be a strong advocate of increased funding and support for local law enforcement agencies that have struggled to recruit and retain high-quality officers in light of the quickly deteriorating public safety situation in the state.

Jobs and the Economy

As a member of the Redding City Council, I have a track record of protecting small businesses and creating new jobs in the community. Policymakers need to be embracing a hands-off approach that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to start and or expand operations and create new jobs. We need to reform the regulatory and legal environment in California that disincentivizes job growth and punishes job creators with state mandates, legal liability, and increased fees and taxes.

Taxes and Cost of Living

Californians face some the highest taxes in the nation on top of an already high cost of living. In the Assembly, I will forcefully oppose new tax proposals. I will protect Prop 13 and ensure that its protections against property tax hikes remain in effect.

I unequivocally oppose the gas tax and will not stand by as Sacramento politicians routinely increase gas and transportation costs in an attempt to push an extreme environmental agenda. Gas taxes are regressive and hurt working and rural Californians the most and we need an advocate in Sacramento that will hold the line and oppose new gas taxes.

Water and Agriculture

California has seen record levels of rain this past season, which by all accounts should signal positive news for our drought and agriculture outlook in the years to come. Unfortunately, years of mismanagement of our state’s water infrastructure and delivery system means that the bulk of the snowpack and rainwater will flow to the ocean instead of being captured. On multiple occasions, voters have passed water bonds with the expectation that those dollars be used for increased reservoir capacity, yet we have never delivered on those promises. I am committed to upholding the will of the voters and finally green lighting the numerous water storage and conveyance projects on hold around the state.

Mark Mezzano