I recognized at an early age that our City and the Santa Maria Valley were special.

But it’s not just the scenery or weather; it’s you.

Our neighbors, residents, and local business owners are the backbone of our community. Here in Santa Maria, we look out for each other, and that’s why I’m running for City Council.

We need elected leaders who understand the unique qualities of our City and are willing to protect them.

I’m concerned about rising crime and homelessness. I’m dedicated to seeing our children thrive through education and recreation. And, I’m committed to expanding opportunities for small businesses.

As a neighbor, husband and father, and small business owner, I have the knowledge and experience to make these things happen.

Call or email me any time if you have questions about my campaign or ideas to strengthen our community: XXX-XXX-XXXX | steven@stevenfunkhouser.com.

Steven Funkhouser