About Mark Mezzano

Mark spent almost his entire career with the California Highway Patrol, where he held a variety of specialized assignments and leadership roles.

Mark oversaw the distribution of traffic safety programs around the state, worked as an undercover agent on a auto theft task force, and oversaw programs certifying the safe operation of tow trucks, ambulances, and school buses. In 2010, Mark assumed the role of Field Operations Officer of the CHP Redding Area office, commanding field and administrative operations across the North State. In addition to his leadership responsibilities, Mark was an instructor, teaching law enforcement officers and trainees how to recognize and investigate human trafficking, how to properly conduct CPR, and how to safety handle firearms.

In 2020, Mark was elected to the Redding City Council. In that role, Mark has been a strong voice for job creation, fiscal responsibility, and public safety.

Under Mark's leadership, Redding increased fire department staffing to make sure there are three firefighters on every engine. He is also leading the charge to build a new ninth fire station to ensure adequate fire prevention and emergency response across the city. Additionally, this Spring the Redding Police Department will have the most sworn personnel in the history of the department after the Council authorized the addition of an eighth patrol beat in the city, reducing response times and the stress placed on patrol officers.

Mark also has represented the City of Redding on a number of regional and statewide appointed boards, including representing Redding at CalCities, serving as Chair of the Shasta Regional Transportation Authority, Chair of the Redding Area Bus Authority, and the City's representative to the Redding Rancheria and Redding Downtown Collaborative.

Mark and his wife Kathy have been married for 33 years. Kathy spent her career serving our community as an operating room nurse and retired in February 2018. Mark and Kathy have two children, Marcus and Kristine, and one grandchild, Jaxson.