Mark Mezzano for Assembly

Dear Friend,

California is at a tipping point. Decades of failed leadership in Sacramento has left our communities less safe, our economy weakened, and our future in doubt.

For the first time in our state's history, more people are leaving California than arriving as families who have spent generations in California are pushed to the brink. We must do better.

I have spent my career working in law enforcement. As a California Highway Patrolmen, I have spent most of my life dedicated to protecting public safety in the North State. After retiring as a Sergeant, I doubled down on public service and successfully ran for the Redding City Council. Working together with my colleagues, we were able to deliver results for Redding residents—investing in public safety, growing the economy, and tackling our toughest challenges.

Now, I am running to represent the North State in the California State Assembly to bring my experience in law enforcement and local government to the state legislature. I will champion common-sense solutions that improve the safety, prosperity, and quality of life for residents of the North State.

I look forward to sharing more in the months to come.

See you on the campaign trail,


Mark Mezzano

Mark Mezzano
Group 11